A tourist and educational service company in "Sierra de Cazorla" region

As a result of more than 20 years of accumulated experience in areas such as ecotourism, training and rural development, ECOGUADALQUIVIR was created as an environmental interpretation services company that offers, through its wide and varied team of guides-interpreters (all of whom are residents of the region) the possibility for visitors to get to know and enjoy in a unique way the rich natural, cultural and ethnographic heritage of "Sierra de Cazorla".

In all our proposals, respect for the environment, for the resources interpreted and for the local population prevails. The activities we propose are not aggressive with the environment, benefiting economically and socially the used resources.

Our catalogue of activities includes the following:


  • Ornithological tourism: observation, courses, census, photography, etc. of birds (Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, other birds of prey, steppe birds, etc.)
  • Botanical tourism: species and ecosystems observation, courses, photography, etc. (endemisms, Mediterranean forest, high mountains, sub-desert species, etc.)
  • Geotourism: fossil observation, courses, photography, geocultural routes, visits and observation of resources and landscapes with geological interest, etc.
  • Routes with naturalistic interest: birds observation, animals, landscapes, villages, rivers and vestiges of traditional culture
  • Oleotourism: visits to oil mills, olive tree estates, unusual olive trees, olive grove landscapes, olive oil tasting, gastronomy, courses, etc.
  • Routes with ethnographic interest: villages, cultural interest landscapes, gastronomy, crafts, traditions and unique legends, visits to museums, etc.
  • Routes of historical and artistic character: historical and artistic sites, castles, Bruñel Roman villa, vestiges of the Muslim legacy, museums, rock art caves in Quesada surroundings, etc.



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If you are interested in our proposal, we will be pleased to provide you a detailed information about our services.

Our contact details are:


  • ECOGUADALQUIVIR (Tourist and educational services)
  • Tourism registration number: EC/JA/00011
  • Address: Calle Santa Rita 8 1º B, 23470 Cazorla (Jaén)
  • E-mail: ecoguadalquivir@gmail.com
  • Telephone: +34609570632


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Teléfono: 953727084 953727084
Teléfono móvil: 609570632
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