A project in and for the rural environment

In the incomparable setting of the "Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas" Natural Park, we offer the possibility of enjoying an enriching experience in contact with nature, bringing you closer to ways of life and values necessarily recoverable . Through our facilities and activities we promote coexistence, respect and care of the environment.

We propose some activity programmes (ecotourism, olive oil tourism, ethnographic tours, transformation workshops, ecological vegetable garden, etc.) adapted to different groups and associations that are interested.


Encuentro familiar intergeneracional ("Palomecada")

Huerta del Cañamares was created in 2000 through the initiative of a professional couple (Pepa and Joaquín) related to rural development, training, agriculture and the environment.

Our aim is for our home to be a meeting place where people can participate directly with the environment that surrounds them and use it to enrich themselves through observation, experience and coexistence.

To achieve our objectives we will use nature as the landscape for multiple activities that will make us know it and discover the varied possibilities that it offers us. Our proposal will facilitate an approach and knowledge of the rural and natural world, to create attitudes of responsibility towards the environment, promoting coexistence, cooperation, respect and tolerance.

Curso de Horticultura Ecológica


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